Happy New Year

I hope 2022 is being good to you so far.

Remember when I said back in October it would only be a few months until I got my blog all sorted and looking shiny again? Right.

I’ve been reading madly over the past ten days or so, trying to catch up with my over-commitments to review many different kinds of books for people. I’ve got a couple of western genre book reviews pre-scheduled for this blog now, but I still want to read two (short) books for this month’s western. I am also falling behind on my personal correspondence, for which I apologize.

I’ve been writing poetry and I’ve started a personal diary. I’ve read so much in the past year about the importance of “morning pages” to the creative process I thought I’d try it and the diary is my much-abridged version of those pages. So far, I’m not sure it’s “working.”

One thing that does work for me, is “attending” the London Writer’s Salon’s Writer’s Hours – four times every week day, a hundred + writers from around the world join “together” for fifty minutes of concentrated writing time. While I’m not super-excited about using Zoom, I’m at an hour right now, writing this blog post. I find it very useful to have an “appointment” to write.

Do I have any western projects under way, you may be wondering. I’m wondering.

I’ve been playing around with creating poetry borrowing from True Grit (I call them extraction poems, they’re very similar to erasure poetry) but it’s not going very well, I find myself simply re-reading the wonderful novel instead of cobbling together poems! I might have to abandon that project, but at least I’ve given it a try.

Also this month I hope to fix up a short story I wrote awhile ago but am not quite happy with – it’s not western in any way, I just want to get it off my “to do sometime” list.

But after that, or alongside that, I need to decide on my first western project for the year. I was able to complete the second episode of The Adventures of Sergeant Harris, which I mentioned working on in October. I left him doing a bit of a cliffhanger, so I might want to write episode three, or “part two of a two-part adventure” later this year.

This morning I’ve been exploring what themed contests or calls-for-stories are out there at the moment, and I found the following calls. I am not endorsing these contests or calls, I don’t know anything about the people behind them, I’m just sharing the info.

for weird westerns of about 6000 words, deadline January 31st.

weird western action horror, 2000 to 10000 words, deadline March 31st. SNAFU: Dead or Alive

and there is a themed call out there for a “splatterpunk” western horror anthology, Midnight in the Stagecoach 2500 to 6000 words, deadline April 30th.

Wow, people seem to want horror-gore right now. That’s a bit depressing. Maybe its the time of year.

I might work on a story I’ve made some notes about previously, about a miner, a mule, and a thing that goes bump in the dark …

Have a good day! And remember, don’t lick frozen flag poles. You shouldn’t be licking any flag poles, really.

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