Book Review Policy

Last Updated March 29th

I have books to review until June 2022. I am not looking for more books to review at this time.


I have signed up to be an Advanced Copy Reader through

I sometimes review for HenryRoi PR’s Blackthorn Tours.

I have 96 books on my “to read sometime” list at my local library, including some that have been on the list since 2016.

Professional Reader

And I’ve started to review through as well.

Still… when I’m open to review requests…

I am also happy to hear directly from self-published authors or small presses or publicists about doing reviews.

While I intend to honour review obligations agreed to in the past, from now on I will only be accepting western genre novels to be reviewed on this blog and cross-posted to GoodReads. Details on what I’ll accept as “western” are below.

You can find me on GoodReads here – I welcome new GoodReads friends. I review non-western genre books as well as western genre reads over on GoodReads.

For reviews on this blog, I am only seeking books that fall somewhere under the western genre umbrella or are cross-genre including western.

However, I am not especially interested in reading those books typically marketed as ‘western romance’, nor am I interested in reading erotica.

I am not the best person to read fantasy or young adult (or children’s) stories within the western or other genres, but if you’re willing to risk it, so am I. Christian Fiction? I haven’t been inside a church in years, but I’m not inherently opposed to the idea.

I’m interested in finding westerns with female heroes, with older characters, characters with mental illness or disorder, disabled characters, characters with chronic illnesses, neurodiverse characters and characters from religious, ethnic, national or racial backgrounds that have been historically neglected within the genre. I don’t care who your characters want to have sex with, or if they want to have sex at all.

I am interested in reading westerns set in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or wherever else you’ve got.

I am happy to read about youngish, able-bodied culturally-Christian-European-American guys doing heroic (or not so heroic) things west of the Mississippi, north of the Rio Grande, and south of the medicine line. These are the heroes that first drew me in to the genre, after all!

When I accept an ARC, I do not guarantee a review. I reserve the right to “Did Not Finish” a book. I do not guarantee positive reviews. You may wish to know that the BookSirens algorithm considers me a ‘strict’ reviewer.

If I am reviewing a book I have received for free in expectation of a review I will note in my review that I have received a free copy for review.

I am happy to receive books in physical, audio, MOBI or PDF formats.

I may also review books I have purchased, downloaded, or borrowed outside of any expectations of review.

All reviews are from a personal perspective. I am not a professional reviewer, and I am not paid for my reviews. I hope that my reviews may help guide other amateur readers in their reading choices. Or they may not. And that’s fine too.

Thank you for considering my reviews and thank you for considering me as a reviewer.