(Not Particularly) FAQ

Q: Do you have some kind of connection to the U.S. state of Vermont?

A: Not to my knowledge. I’ve never spent any time there. I’m sure it’s a nice place, maybe someday!

Q: Are you a man? A woman? I guess I’m asking what your pronouns are?

A: I am a woman. I’ll take she or they.

When I was first starting out with writing westerns I embraced the long tradition of women writers in all genres of hiding behind some initials in place of a first name in case gender-based prejudice got in the way of someone picking up one of my stories.

I’ve since successfully published a couple of things, which is very boosting of the ego. (Still hoping to write the story that earns me triple digits, though.) And I’ve decided I want to be part of the growing representation for women as writers and participants in the western genre. So I no longer keep it much of a secret, that I’m a woman.

However, for my “official bio” I keep with the “they/them” pronouns I began with. If you’ve used pronouns other then she/her/they/them for me, no worries. Just don’t call me late to the chuck wagon.