Publication Announcement: Short story “Homestead Act” published

Hello everyone! My short story 'Homestead Act' has been published in the most recent issue of Ontario-based Raconteur Literary Magazine and you should be able to pick up a copy of the relevant Issue 6 through Amazon where it is available as both an e-book and in paperback. I'm looking forward to getting my own… Continue reading Publication Announcement: Short story “Homestead Act” published

Legends of Western Cinema Tag

Here's the mother tag-question post! Apologies for rushing this a bit but I was typing it up last night with a couple of wildfires not terribly far from my town and was waiting for updates/possible evacuation alerts. (Update July 20: things are rather calmer this morning and while a few town properties are on alert,… Continue reading Legends of Western Cinema Tag

Legends of Western Cinema Week – A Little Giveaway

And the winner is Hamlette! To celebrate this week celebrating the legends of western cinema, I'd like to offer a giveaway prize! There is another (better!) Giveaway being held over at one of our blogathon host's blogs, here: I'm offering an e-book from the e-book distributor Smashwords. (Yes, I know a book is not a… Continue reading Legends of Western Cinema Week – A Little Giveaway

Announcing The 2021 Classic Literature On Film Blogathon!

I will be joining in on this blogathon! I have a review ready, of a film adaption of Zane Grey’s The Light of Western Stars. I may be able to review the source book as well, if I have time to read it by the first week of April! See you then!

Silver Screen Classics

To kick off 2021, I am very pleased and excited to announce my second hosting of the Classic Literature On Film Blogathon! And of course you are all kindly and heartily invited to partake!

Classic novels and plays have provided cinema with some of the greatest stories of all time. They are part of the fabric of culture and have been powerful in helping us to understand ourselves. Since the early days of cinema, film-makers have mined the richness of classic tales for the silver screen. Some of our most beloved films have been based on the works of Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Mark Twain, to name a few. Indeed, many classic novels have been produced many times. 

So, the main focus of the blogathon is to celebrate, examine, critique and review those films that have been based on classic literature! 

As already mentioned, the concept…

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