Publication News from My Writing Cohort

Gemma L. Brook

My colleague from Running Wild Press, Elan Barnehama, recently shared some great news: his second novel, Escape Route, is coming out May 4th.

Escape Route is set in New York City during the tumultuous late 1960s. The story is told by teenager Zach, a first-generation son of Holocaust survivors and NY Mets fan, who becomes obsessed with the Vietnam War and with finding an escape route for his family for when he believes the US will round up and incarcerate its Jews. Zach meets Samm, a seventh-generation Manhattanite whose brother has returned from Vietnam with PTSD. Together they explore protest, friendship, music, faith, and love during a time littered with hope and upheaval around the globe.

Elan Barnehama author photo
Elan Barnehama, Contemporary Fiction Author

I first read Elan’s writing in the Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Vol. 2. His short story about these same characters, “Just Be,” was…

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