My Publications

The short story “Homestead Act” was published in the 2021 summer edition (Issue Six) of Raconteur Literary Magazine.

My western re-telling of the stone soup folktale, “Horseshoe Nail Stew” was named Reader’s Choice/Best Story for December 2020 in Frontier Tales online magazine. Thank you for your votes!

The short story “Under the Eye of the Crow” has been published within Running Wild Press’s Running Wild Anthology of Stories – Volume Three.

(The spec-fic short story “Un Comienzo” appears in All Worlds Wayfarer Issue 7. You may purchase an E-Book copy through or When I first started writing it, I was thinking “modern western,” but that’s not really how it ended up.)

My first published western story was “The Story of Willow Henry McGlone” – a Christmas story set in the same world as “Under the Eye of the Crow.” It was published in 2018’s Havik.