Ain’t No Cat Now Available for purchase

You can pick it up here!

I have been away for a number of weeks, and returned to find my copy of The Quarter(ly) Magazine’s “Ends” issue waiting for me.

When I re-read my story, “Ain’t No Cat” a few days ago, I need to admit to my blog readers, I thought, “gosh, this story would probably have been better if I’d kept the funny tattooed cowboy in it.” But you know what? It’s out there, it’s done, it will hopefully entertain a few people for a little bit even without that character (who was sacrificed to the word count limit gods.) If you’d like to have a look, please do and support an independent press at the same time.

For the next week or so, I’ll be doing catch-up work with mail and e-mails and laundry – I have a couple new reviews of western genre novels I’ve read to type up and get ready to share with you later this year, and I’ve been gestating several different ideas as well as writing some poetry. I have an idea for a follow up story to “Un Comienzo,” if I get to it, and I still need to work up some more Sgt. Harris adventures! I hope winter has been kind to you this far, and I will see you around again soon-ish!


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