Mad about Ladd tag

Okay, I was recently tagged for this, and it feels rude not to try and play, although I really shouldn’t be spending my time this way today! Hamlette tagged me and here is her relevant post on her blog. This tag originated on Pale Writer’s blog a couple of years ago.

The Rules 

  • Please add the name of the person/blogger who tagged you as well as a link to their blog and my blog (Pale Writer) ( I said blog a lot there), and my original post. 
  • Please post your four favourite pictures of Alan Ladd as well as your favourite gif. 
  • Say why you love these four pictures and this gif. 
  • Tag four other bloggers/people who are part of the classic film blog world or film community on Twitter. 
  • And please circulate the rules.

I don’t know four other bloggers/people who are part of the classic film blog world or film community on Twitter – who haven’t already been tagged – so I’m going to struggle a bit with rule number four. Sorry about that, but this is what happens when you tag an unpopular kid. I was really bad at the chain letter thing, too.

Some of you reading this probably remember I used to have a wide selection of photos saved on my computer that would be perfect for this situation. I don’t anymore. I’m not going to get into the why, it’s depressing.

Here is one of the photos that is on rotation as one of my computer’s background images. It has been there for quite awhile now. Sometimes when I sit down to the computer, and it’s up, I’ll say hello. If it’s the image up at the end of the day, I have also been known to say good night. Yep.

I believe I chose this image for the computer background largely because it was one of the first I encountered which was both lovely and large enough to fit properly. I really like the shadows, although I continue to spell chiaroscuro so wrong I break the spell checker. I didn’t notice the gun at first.

I wouldn’t call this a favourite picture, but I enjoyed finding it – this is a screenshot from The Green Hornet serial, which I watched on, tracking down Alan Ladd’s appearances as a student pilot – I was able to alert IMDB that he appears in not one but two of the episodes. There is a way better image on IMDB here, but most of the copy is pretty hard to watch because it’s so fuzzy. And because of the music. No more “Green Hornet” music, I beg of you.

Confused? This is a photo of my recreation of a recipe attributed to Alan Ladd, “Hamburger Rodeo.” It is one of the recipes that will, I hope, appear in my Box Thirteen cookbook project! Eternally thanks to Jenny of the Silver Screen Suppers.

Let’s see if I can find something in colour.

Okay, I’ll just throw this one in because I am definitely running out of time, getting lost sorting through photos, and this one was, I assume, taken in Canada, and red is about as colourful as you can get.

And while I initially thought I’d have time to find something else, I’m going to go with this here as my gif, it is, after all, for one of my favourite Ladd movies:

I have come around to the idea that I love The Blue Dahlia because it’s flawed. It was almost broken and repaired, and you can see the mends. I believe there’s a Japanese word for this, where something becomes more precious after it’s repaired – kintsugi?

Thanks for letting me play tag with you today, I’m going to throw this up on my twitter as an attempt to pass it along. Have a great rest-of-day!

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