Legends of Western Cinema Week – A Little Giveaway

And the winner is Hamlette!

To celebrate this week celebrating the legends of western cinema, I’d like to offer a giveaway prize!

There is another (better!) Giveaway being held over at one of our blogathon host’s blogs, here:

I’m offering an e-book from the e-book distributor Smashwords. (Yes, I know a book is not a movie. But some movies are adapted from books!)

If you win, you choose which book you want from the Smashwords catalogue! *

*(more or less, keep reading)

All you have to do to enter into the giveaway is leave a comment here, recommending a movie, novel, short story, radio drama, podcast, anything really, that you consider as a western! The winner will be chosen from qualifying comments by me.

If you should win, you will need to a) be signed up as a Smashwords member/reader, which is free but requires an e-mail address and b) be willing to provide an e-mail address at which you can receive an e-book download to both myself and Smashwords.

It would be nice if you picked a western genre book from the Smashwords catalogue, but if you see something you really want in a different genre, that’s okay too. Just have a look and see if anything catches your eye. They are having sales on throughout July, it’s a good time to experiment with the self-published stories they have on offer.

The prize will be an e-book priced up to $6.99 US

Entries must be in before midnight Pacific Daylight Time, July 25 to qualify for the prize.

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Legends of Western Cinema Week – A Little Giveaway”

  1. What a cool giveaway! I feel like I’ve got a Smashwords account already, in fact. Hmm… recommend a western? I am really enjoying These War-Torn Hands by Emily Hayse right now. It’s a fantasy-western retelling of the King Arthur legends. It’s set in what is basically the Old West, but also has things like dragons in it. Quite nifty!

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